Foqas Learn

Students learn best
when they're fully

Engagement isn't always easy to achieve, especially without the right tools. Foqas Learn is a learning management system that is specially designed to make your classroom more engaging and boost student learning.

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Foqas Learn encourages connection and
community in the classroom.

When students are interacting more frequently with both their teachers and their peers, engagement
increases. As a teacher, it can be hard to manage all your responsibilities and still focus on increasing
student achievement. Foqas Learn provides a simple and effective way for you to manage your
classroom and help your students reach their true potential.

Stay Connected

The features in Foqas Learn allow you to connect with both your students and other teachers in your school network. Even if you move to a different school, your teacher profile follows you wherever you go so you don't lose the connections you've made.

Track your student's learning

Foqas Learn allows you to easily track your students' learning and progress. To increase overall student achievement, the program also provides you with an in depth analysis of each assignment you create and each student's grade in your class.

Build Community

Community is an important part of your classroom and your overall school network. Foqas Learn helps teachers and students build community by allowing space for online discussions and conversations, and encouraging student-to-student and student-to-teacher interactions.


Core Features

From our research and analysis, we identified that an engaging classroom has the best results in student leaning.

Personal Profile

Quiz with Auto-Grading

Blog / Discussion

Chat / Announcements

Slate / Micro-blog


Advanced Grading


Collaborative Wiki

File sharing

Why use Foqas Learn for your classroom?


Unlike other LMS, Foqas Learn is designed specifically to help improve the effectiveness of classroom instruction and educational quality.

  • More engaging and easy to use
  • Encourages collaboration and peer-to-peer teaching
  • Advanced grade analysis to assist in student development
  • Feature rich and provides teachers with more flexibility in their teaching approach

Foqas provides students and teachers with a personal profile page.

  • Every user gets a free personal page when they create an account in the Foqas Learn Platform. This profile page resides outside the school network, so the student or teacher gets to keep their page even if they move to a different school.
  • Foqas Learn profile has features similar to social network platforms which encourages students to interact more with other students in the classroom.

Grading is essential to ensure student learning

  • With Foqas Learn, grading is simple. Automated grading in the platform ensures teachers spend less time on grading and more time on teaching.
  • Foqas provides features that analyze student performance in the classroom and displays the results in an easy-to-read presentation. This makes it possible for teachers to track each student's learning throughout the course.
  • Healthy competition can improve learning effectiveness, so Foqas allows every student to track their own performance against the class average. If students can know they are performing below others, they will be able to ask for additional support from their teachers.

Collaboration and communication are simple with Foqas Learn

  • The message center in Foqas makes it easy for users to send secure, private messages to other users in the system.
  • Micro-blog feature provides an opportunity for short, quick communication within a course. The ability to communicate in this way makes the course more engaging for students.
  • Students and teachers in the program can create discussion board posts. This allows users to share ideas, collaborate, and develop communication skills.
  • Boosting engagement in your classroom doesn't have to be complicated. Sign up with Foqas Learn today to start increasing student engagement at your institution.