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The process of managing a school is never simple, but it can be more efficient.

What if you had the support and technology to efficiently manage all aspects of your school? Foqas Academy provides you with best practices and the technology you need to effectively manage your school all in one place.

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Core features

Manage what matters all in one place with Foqas Academy


Much like any organization, a school needs to share what they're all about in order to hire teachers and reach desired enrollment numbers. With Foqas Academy, you can create a modern looking website that is fully customizable, and you can use the website to manage the entire enrollment process for parents.


Part of managing any school is collecting information. Whether you need to collect payments, tuition fees, or even information about staff and students, Foqas Academy provides a secure place to store and manage all your school's data.


Communication is key when it comes to effectively managing a school. Foqas Academy has features to allow both teachers and administrators to share information with students and parents. Teachers can share grades and administrators can share events, notices, and other information with parents through the program.


Manage what matters all in one place with Foqas Academy


Record keeping is simple with Foqas Academy. School administration can easily manage each student's information through the program, making the registration process more streamlined, organized and effective.


With Foqas Academy, school administration also has the ability to manage information for each teacher and staff member. Contact information, educational background, and resumes can all be managed through the program and each teacher or staff member will be given a specific role in order to only have access to what they need.


Easily manage the classes available at your school with Foqas Academy. Foqas provides your school with the ability to customize the classes, grades, and subjects available, as well as the ability to split any class or grade into multiple sections.


Foqas Academy provides schools the ability to effectively manage all their branches in one place. This allows each of the school branches to independently manage their activities, while still reporting information that can be seen by the branch manager.