Foqas Teach

Simplify your teaching career by gathering what's most important in one place.

You've got enough on your plate, and managing all of your progress is one more thing to do. Foqas Teach was designed to help teachers like you stay organized, make progress, and get the support you need to increase student achievement.

Growth, progress, and community all
in one place with Foqas

Teachers are one of the factors with the most significant impact on the quality of education, but they are often forced to operate without the resources and support they need. With Foqas, you can participate in training opportunities, organize your progress, and meet other educators all in one place.


No matter how long you've been an educator, you have a lot to keep track of. From lesson plans and teaching notes to test scores and certificates, Foqas Teach provides a secure place for you to organize and record all your teacher resources.


One of the best parts of being an educator is there's always room for growth. However, not every teacher is offered a variety of professional development in their district. Foqas Teach offers opportunities for you to participate in teacher training courses and for you to browse through lesson plans submitted by other teachers.


How different would your teaching journey be if you had the support you needed and were able to learn from a more experienced teacher? Foqas Teach provides a safe place for teachers to connect with one another and participate in a mentorship program where experienced teachers can volunteer to mentor teachers who are new to the field.

Easily Manage Teaching Certificates

Track your growth as a teacher

Upload your teaching certificates in a safe online storage platform to keep track of your growth all in one place.

Store all resources
in the cloud

Build a Library of Teaching Materials

Use Foqas' resources, templates, and rubrics to share lesson plans with those in your network and with other teachers across the globe.

Create a
teacher profile

Simplify your teaching by organizing all your documents under one teacher profile. In the Foqas community, stay connected to like-minded individuals who can support your growth as an educator.

Teaching Simplified

Create your teacher profile in foqas, and keep all teaching documents organized.

Guide to Development

Use Foqas' templates, rubrics, and guides to support your development as a teacher and to help you achieve breakthrough results for your students.

Supportive Community

Use technology and collaborative and social events to engage with and stay connected to like-minded educational practitioners that can support your growth

Be a part of a membership program.

A strong mentorship program benefits everyone

  • Mentors gain leadership experience as they pass on their knowledge and wisdom to never teachers.
  • Mentees gain the support of an experienced teacher who can help them navigate the school year with ease.
  • Both participants gain knowledge and insight that will benefit the overall quality of their teaching, leading to greater student achievement.